Loose Garage Door Cables

We regularly get customer calls stating their garage door cables have come loose. Although it isn’t the case 100% of the time, it is often due to broken garage door springs. The way to determine if it is indeed a broken garage door spring take a look above your garage door from the inside of […]

The AD360 is amazing!

You may have heard us brag about our Aladdin brand AD360 opener. Why are they so great? 1) They are AMAZINGLY quiet: – They are a belt driven opener so all you hear is “humm”. – The rail system is one continuous piece instead of sections. 2) They have the best warranty in the industry: […]

Garage Door Remote Issues

“Dang it!! The garage door remote stopped working!” It’s cold and raining and you’re nice and warm inside your car; this is not the time for the garage door remote to go out! Occasionally we get calls for garage door remotes that stop have stopped working. The first thing to do is replace the battery, […]

Garage Door Maintenance

Homeowners typically have their heating and AC systems, their cars and other major components to their home inspected and maintained on a regular basis. So why not regular garage door inspection? FACT: The garage door is the largest moving object in your home! The garage door has a big responsibility – securing your home.  Keeping […]

Here Are 4 Reasons Your Garage Door Might Not Be Working & When It’s Time To Call a Repair Professional.

Most homeowners have garage doors that will operate trouble free for years.  It’s never a thought that even crosses a homeowners mind until your garage door stops working and leaves you hung up in a bind.  We’ve dealt with almost every possible garage door repair issue you could imagine when it comes to residential garage […]